Instruction and Curriculum Design: Carden Academy, 2005

Designed and taught differentiated, hands-on science lessons to grades K-3 at a small private school
inspired by Novak's 12 year longitudinal study finding long term benefits of early science learning:

Measurement & Estimation
Taught students about biodiversity, natural observation and how to estimate populations of local plants and animals.
Early Introduction to Cryptography
Introduced simple transposition through scavenger hunt games, relating it to measurement scale conversion.
Density vs Mass
Had students experiment with equally sized items to try to explain why some would float and others would not.
Seeing the Unseen
Used invisible ink, polarized and colored lenses to inspire discussions about differences in animal vision.
Examples of managing educational technology projectsExamples of designing and developing video gamesExamples of artwork and professional designExamples of academic research and inquiry
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