Research: Investigations of Classroom Use of Technology

Supervised research in schools investigating the use of educational video games and productivity tools as part of classroom instruction and assessment.

  • SENSE-IT - Tested automated diagram assessment in 42 schools across New York.
  • Agnitus - Measured the learning benefits of Agnitus in 4 Title-1 schools in California.
  • Oceans of Know - Helped test hydroponics and fish farming simulations in 3 Title-1 Bronx schools.
  • Institute for Learning Technologies - Assisted various educational research projects.
Examples of managing educational technology projectsExamples of designing and developing video gamesExamples of artwork and professional designExamples teaching classes and writing curriculum
Reflective Agent Based Educational Software Research Concept Mapping as a Scaffold to System Modelling How Serious Games Can Support Moral Development Investigating Use of Educational Software as an Instructional Support Researching Effective Visual Communication