Leadership: Architected an Online Learning Community for Intel, 2008-2009
Delivered MBA Style Training to World Leaders

Contracted by and collaborated with teams at Intel to conceive, pitch, build and deliver an interactive distance learning platform teaching politicians about driving economic growth.

  • Collaborated to secure buy-in and funding
  • Designed crowd-sourced content creation system
  • Recruited and led team development
  • Architected underlying database with DDL SQL
  • Adapted Jive into a Web 2.0 learning community
  • Coordinated knowledge transfer and beta testing
Examples of designing and developing video gamesExamples of artwork and professional designExamples teaching classes and writing curriculumExamples of academic research and inquiry
Samples Demonstrating Creative Leadership and Project Management Managing Team Production Of Art Assets For Multimedia Reference Software Directing Design And Development Of An Educational Center Architecting Enterprise Level Web Applications And Business Practices Architecting An Online Community To Foster Leadership Development Managing An International Online Learning Community Directing Development Of A Game Based Adaptive Learning Platform Led production process and data management changes increasing cadence and business intelligence